Thanks to Family Paths, Dad Has New Hope for His Daughter’s Future


Initially, Vanessa was depressed. She lived with her dad, who was worried about her ever since her mom died. He wanted her to have a better life than he did and wasn’t sure if that was possible. She was now in middle school and had no friends, got into arguments and fights daily and walked around with her hoodie up, face covered and eyes down. This is how she started therapy at Family Paths – barely a nod from her slumped position in a chair. Behind the posture though, her therapist saw stress and sorrow, and over the course of a year, she gave a voice to the fears and worries that kept Vanessa alone and isolated. Together they began creating strategies for facing her fears in small ways every day and learning new skills to manage her anxiety. Vanessa joined a club at school and began trying to find a friend. This was scary stuff, but the therapist cheered her attempts and watched as her confidence slowly built and her hoodie came off, her posture straightened and a smile emerged. Now Vanessa has a group of friends, and is seen as a leader in her school. Her dad was amazed and proud, and expressed hope for Vanessa’s future that he didn’t know was possible.

Vanessa is one client success story among many. Our team of therapists and support staff work tirelessly to help change the trajectory of our clients’ lives, and your financial support will allow us to help others like Vanessa.

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(The client in this vignette has been de-identified to protect confidentiality.)