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Success Stories


Client Vignette

Trauma repair work and skill building practices helped this mother of three.

“Diane” is a former client who called to express her appreciation for all that she learned in therapy and how she continues to benefit from and use the skills she gained years later. Diane had a very abusive and neglectful childhood. When she first came to therapy, she had three young children, and was living in a domestic violence shelter, having left an abusive relationship. Diane had very little confidence and was fearful of her abusive husband. In therapy, the focus was on trauma repair work using different skill building and mindfulness practice. When Diane ended treatment, she had enrolled in school to get new job skills, and 3 years later she is now working and in a stable relationship. Diane stated that the skills she learned in therapy she continues to use today. She said that while she initially thought these skills were “silly”, she discovered that they really changed how she was able to live her life and engage with the world. Diane said, “I discovered I really am a good mom. There are things I want to accomplish in my life and I know I can.”

The client in this vignette has been de-identified to protect confidentiality.

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