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Client Vignette

An immigrant teen regains hope for a better future

“Victor” arrived in the Bay Area from Central America after an arduous journey. He didn’t want to leave home, but there was violence all around him and his family thought that if he stayed he would get killed. Crossing the border into the US and tracking down an aunt who would take him in was filled with terror and uncertainties. Would he get sent back? How would he cope without his parents? Although he was able to enroll in school, his feelings of sadness and loss were overwhelming. He had trouble sleeping, couldn’t focus and wasn’t able to ask for help.
Luckily, his school was able to refer Victor to Family Paths’ Families in Transition program for mental health treatment and case management support. His bilingual therapist began to form a relationship of trust by listening to his stories, giving him new ways to express himself, and offering reassurance that things can get better. Through their work together Victor has been able to envision a better future, make friends, and find new ways to cope with the loss and fear that lives inside him.

The client in this vignette has been de-identified to protect confidentiality.

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