2016 Annual Report and letter from our Executive Director

Read our full 2016 Annual Report, including highlights from the past year, links to our community partners, sponsors, and in-kind donors by clicking HERE.

And now a heartfelt letter from Barbra Silver, Family Paths’ Executive Director.

Dear Friend of Family Paths,

If you are like me, the last month has been a swirl of emotion and confusion. The impact of this presidential election has left many uncertain about the future and at a loss of what to do next. I think all of us can agree, no matter who we voted for, that we want the best for our children, our families, and the communities we live in. Many of us want to know our voices still matter and our values will be respected.

As a supporter of Family Paths, I know you care about the children and families who are most impacted by trauma and stress. Perhaps you yourself were, or are, a stressed parent, or know a friend or neighbor who is. Perhaps you remember your own parent being stressed and overwhelmed and experienced firsthand the impact of that stress. In any case, I am sure you agree that all children should be safe and all families deserve support in their times of need.

What we are seeing now in the many families we serve throughout Alameda County, especially amongst communities of color, and immigrant families, is an incredible increase in stress due to new uncertainties and new fears. These fears are being expressed from many of our clients:

  • A 4 year old in pre-school is worrying that the government will now “take all the children away”
  • A 7 year old worrying that “everyone will bring guns to school”
  • A single African American mom with two boys, tells us she “fears the worst” for their safety
  • A Muslim dad tells us he and his children are scared because of the “hatred for their people”

Now more than ever, our work providing mental health and supportive services to our most vulnerable children and families is necessary and urgent. And you can make a difference by helping us do this vital work. Your donation helps us continue to be present in the lives of children who experience abuse and exposure to violence, and have depression and anxiety. It helps mothers and fathers heal from their own childhood trauma so they can be better caregivers. It helps us provide safe and skilled childcare during our life changing parenting education classes. It helps us provide the important calming and regulation skills to young children and parents attending our Family Yoga Project.

Contributing to our ongoing efforts for a socially just and equitable society benefits everyone. To live in the world we want, we need to create the world we want. Our efforts don’t stop when barriers present themselves, or when the challenges seem insurmountable. Instead we get stronger and speak louder and fight harder. There really is no other option.

In this time of seasonal reflection, as we wait in the long nights for the light to return, I give you my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your generosity. The work we do has so many moments of true transformation and inspiration. We know by doing it, that change is possible…change is always possible.

May we all live in a world of peace and opportunity,

~Barbra Silver, Executive Director